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About us

about us collage
We were established in 2008 as an arms’ length company owned by Scottish Government where, as infrastructure specialists, we work hand in hand with the public and private sectors to maximise the benefits coming from their infrastructure projects – whether that is how they are paid for, how they are built, how they are used or how they are maintained.

We have a vision of ‘world class infrastructure for the people of Scotland’ where together with our partners, we are:

  • Delivering and managing net zero infrastructure and finance programmes that support Scottish Government’s National Infrastructure Mission to drive inclusive economic growth and build resilient places
  • Working to improve outcomes for the construction industry as a key part of Scotland’s economy, and
  • Attracting investment into Scotland’s towns, cities and communities to deliver housing, improve public service delivery, secure economic benefits and contribute towards Scotland’s net zero carbon target

In working towards our vision, the progress we make lies with the professionals we employ. Drawn from public and private sector backgrounds, we have a range of technical, legal and financial specialists all under one roof, who bring extensive commercial expertise in infrastructure financing, procurement and delivery into the public sector.

Those specialists are spread across our many interlinked infrastructure workstreams giving us a holistic view of the priorities and needs of all our public sector partners, which in turn helps us pull together the right teams and resources to enable our partners to secure greater value and deliver improved services for their communities.

Working towards improved infrastructure outcomes

While the work we deliver in collaboration with our many partners is focused on improving the outcomes from infrastructure, we, together with Scottish Government, understand bold and necessary actions are needed to be taken here in Scotland to help address the global climate emergency.

The actions we are taking and those of Scottish Government are directly linked to the United Nations Member States’ 17 Sustainable Goals and further detail on that is available to read in our Outcomes section of this website.

Our corporate priorities

When the Infrastructure Commission for Scotland presented Scottish Government with a 30-year infrastructure strategy, it stressed all future investment should be focussed on delivering infrastructure that contributes to a net zero carbon economy, is inclusive and is place-based.

In 2021, Scottish Government published its 2021-26 Infrastructure Investment Plan and set out three infrastructure themes outlining that future infrastructure investment would be prioritised where positive outcomes would be created over more than one theme.


We have embraced those themes and have taken them to be our own corporate priorities where our work is focused on:

  • Enabling the transition to net zero emissions - leading the way with coordinated decarbonisation of public sector assets to catalyse necessary industry transition
  • Driving inclusive economic growth - delivering additionality of investment and accelerating appropriate development activity in the current economic context
  • Building resilient and sustainable places - showing leadership in the shift to collaborative and place-based ways of working

Fair Work First

Fair Work First is the Scottish Government's flagship policy for driving high quality and fair work, and workforce diversity across the labour market in Scotland by applying fair work criteria to grants, other funding and public contracts being awarded by and across the public sector, where it is relevant to do so.

We are proud to adopt a Fair Work First approach and commit to advancing the Fair Work First criteria.